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PASSION! whoot!

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I have been a fan for the last three or four years, largely due to the fabulous Maria Friedman, from OLC. Now however, having indulged myself into the marvellous world I have read the original novel, or translation thereof, and got to see the PBS broadcast with the fabulously hot Cerveris and Lupone. Only then, I did not know them from Sweeney Todd as I do now, and love them equally as much! So i can't wait to see that whole broadcast again someday *cough-hintsastoifanyonehasitontapeordvdplease* *cough* Sorry me throat is itchy.

Anyway, if interested I've got a PASSION gallery over at my Maria Friedman Photo Archive i created as part of my partnership with London's Broadway Baby, a Maria fanpage. Also, check out TOPFOTO.CO.UK for editorial images featuring the London cast of Passion (some new ones come up if you keyword Maria Friedman)


I've got one or two Passion icons mixed about my icon gallery allure_magazine So that's me, can't wait to chat!
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On September 13th, 2006 01:57 am (UTC), beautyisme commented:

The world needs more Passion fans.

I can't pick a favorite cast personally. I love the OBC for Marin Mazzie and Donna Murphy's incomperable Fosca, but I've never been too fond of Jere Shea. I love the OLC for Michael Ball and I quite like Maria Friedman's Fosca as well, but I'm not too fond of Helen Hobson. I'm not a Patti LuPone fan in general so I suppose I'm biased in terms of her Fosca but I generally felt that she was miscast. Michael Cerveris too, to a lesser extent. I just think Giorgio should be younger, more...traditionally handsome and have hair. But I love Audra McDonald as Clara.

Well I love the show generally. I also read the book (in English) and I was really impressed with the way that some of the lyrics seemed to be taken verbatem (allowing for translation differences) from the dialogue.
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On September 13th, 2006 02:04 am (UTC), ladylizaelliott replied:
The one scene that really stands out for me for my Fosca's like, definative, would be Maria with her "A woman is like a flower!" her whole Flashback is heartbreakingly stunning, and Patti's "GIORGIO, MY LOVE, DON'T LEAVE ME!" i remember seeing that and almost -if not completely- busting out in tears. I really want to see it again with my newfound Patti love. Its like, i knew her when she did it, but not a fan like I soo am now after seeing Sweeney O.O
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On September 13th, 2006 02:41 am (UTC), beautyisme replied:
I think Maria's Fosca is over the top but in a good way. It's very effective dramatically. With Patti I felt like it was just too much. But that's probably a matter of taste. Have you seen the OBC video? That's what really made me appriciate Donna Murphy. When I first heard her on the OBC I liked her but I wanted her to sing out at times. When I saw the DVD of the OBC I was comnpletely blown away. Her vocals are quiet and almost understanded but when you hear them combined with her physical figure- very small and frail seeming, shaking, and sweating it's breathaking. From her I got a sense of physical illness almost seeping from the character and infecting others near her. Her personality was more muted except when she's declaring her love for Giorgio where you can see the desperation in her face, in the way she holds her body as well as her voice. I consider it one of the three best female performances in a musical (other two are Victoria Clark in the Light in the Piazza and Lea Salonga in Miss Saigon) If you haven't seen it here's the info:
As for the PBS Broadcast I don't have a DVD but I have something else that might help. What's your email address?
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On September 13th, 2006 10:45 am (UTC), ladylizaelliott replied:
My email is trippinbilli88@aol.com, and I haven't seen the OBC video yet, it is on my list of things to buy someday! Also, i would love to see the Italian film Passion D'Amore, that sounds awesome but it's apparently quite hard to find.
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